🤦‍♂️ About Mistake Log

We all make mistakes and experience failures from time to time. Often we don't think about them. It's a missed opportunity to not take time to think through these situations. Athletes spend countless hours reviewing film to see how they can do better in the future. While I don’t have game film, I’ve started to write down mistakes that I want to reflect on later.

I built the first version of Mistake Log to help me look for recurring themes and trends in my mistakes and failures. Sometimes I've found that things that I thought were a big deal in the moment turn out to be relatively insignificant. And other times, it's the opposite. From this habit, I've learned that I'm predictably irrational in similar situations.

🛠 How it works

Step 1) describe a mistake (or failure) that you'd like to reflect on later. There's also an optional quantitative measure that I've found useful.

Step 2) Mistake Log will send you an email reminding you to reflect on each mistake.

That's it. It's meant be simple and easy to use. If you use hashtags, you can click on them to see similar mistakes and reflections clustered together.

🙈 Privacy

Sharing mistakes is highly personal; most of us are only comfortable being vulnerable with our inner cicle. As such, your Mistake Log is private and only accessible to you.

I'm offering this hosted-service as a convenience. As the site operator, I will not view, sell, or disclose any of the data that is entered into the site unless given express written consent. But, there's no need to take my word for it.

If you'd prefer to host your own instance, the code is open source and available on github.

⚡️ Improvements

I enthusiastically welcome pull requests and potential enhancements. Hopefully, we can make this tool as useful as possible.

🤖 Who is behind this?

Mistake Log was created by Cyrus Stoller (cyrus@hoshon.com), founder of Hoshon. Please feel free to reach out.